Cluj-Napoca, the second largest city in Romania, with a population of more than 300,000 inhabitants, is a genuine “heart of Transylvania” from a geographical, historical, economic, cultural, and spiritual viewpoint.

Located on the banks of the Someşul Mic River and developed at the junction of important trade routes for over 2,000 years, Cluj-Napoca has a strong and unique personality derived from being a multifaceted, multivalent, and multicultural city.

The city, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, combined with a dynamic economy generated by an active community, with its renowned health care and medical institutions, as well as an internationally recognized academic and scientific research activity, presently serves as the main development engine of Transylvania. This makes Cluj-Napoca a perfect meeting point to exchange experiences, generate ideas and work out solutions for encouraging a sustainable regional and local development.

For more information about Cluj-Napoca, please visit:
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5-7 Clinicilor Street
400006, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
GPS coordinates: 46.764475, 23.579603 (46°45ʹ52.109ʺN, 23°34ʹ46.572ʺE)
Website: http://cgr.centre.ubbcluj.ro/en/index.html



Suggested accommodation

At the participants’ request, we can make reservation on their behalf in one of the three buildings of Babeş-Bolyai University Accommodation Complex (Universitas Student House, Juventus, Guest House), all located in “Iuliu Haţieganu” Sports Complex.
Address: 7 Pandurilor Street, 400376, Cluj-Napoca
Tel.: +40-264-429-788, +40-264-429-787, +40-264-584315
Fax:+40-264-429-798, +40-264-428-010

Other recommended hotels

Participants who would prefer accommodation in other hotels may book their accommodation at one of the hotels located in the proximity of the conference venue:

Hotel Platinia*****
Address: 2-6 Calea Mănăştur, 400372, Cluj-Napoca
Phone: +40-364-431-200
E-mail: welcome@hotelplatinia.ro
Website: https://hotelplatinia.ro

Grand Hotel Napoca****
Address: 1 Octavian Goga Street, 400698, Cluj-Napoca
Phone: +40-264-580-715 / +40-733-410-170
E-mail: reception@hotelnapoca.ro
Website: http://www.hotelnapoca.ro

Hotel Capitolina***
Address: 35 Victor Babeş Street, Cluj-Napoca
Phone: +40-264-450-490
Fax: +40-264-450-497
Mobile: +40-751-450-490
E-mail: office@hotel-capitolina.ro
Website: http://www.hotel-capitolina.ro

Participants are encouraged to make their reservations as early possible.



For more information about flights, please visit the official website of Cluj “Avram Iancu” International Airport.

Train travel
For more information about train arrivals and departures, please visit the official website of the National Society of Railway Passenger Transport “C.F.R. Călători”  or the Interrail/Eurailwebsite.

Car travel
Located at the junction of four European roads (E60, E576, E58, E81), Cluj-Napoca is easily accessible from any direction.

Coach travel
For more information about the coach arrivals and departures, please visit Autogari.ro.

Urban public transport
For more information about public transport lines, please visit the official website of Public Transport Company S.A. Cluj-Napoca (CTP Cluj-Napoca). We also recommend you to download the mobile application CTP Cluj, available on iOS and Android platforms that can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play. As an alternative, you may choose Bus CTP Cluj-Napoca.


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