Conference online registration open:
1 March 2016

Conference online registration closed:
15 September 2016

Authors notified by:
20 September 2016

Registration fee deadline:
30 September 2016

Cancellation deadline:
4 October 2016

Conference date:
15 - 16 October 2016

Full paper submission deadline:
1 February 2017



Conference invitation

Full Conference Programme
12 October 2016



The main objective of this scientific event is to bring together leading scientists, researchers, scholars and specialists from different fields to present their scientific findings and discuss the new trends and challenges on regional development.

The conference will address the following themes:

1: Achievements on regional development (from past to present)
The first theme will address the theoretical and practical framework of regional development, rendered through the impact of regional development in the territory, through various typologies of regional disparities and the optimal management of the current dysfunctions.

2: Challenges and scenarios for the future regional development
The second theme is oriented to a peculiar view of the future regional development, taking into account the main challenges of this field, the policies implemented by the responsible stakeholders in order to create a sustainable development or the identification of a specific regional identity.

Anticipated sub-themes include the following:

  1. Interconnected disciplines on regional development;
  2. Regional disparities;
  3. Regional spatial analysis;
  4. Regional development and urban challenges (gentrification, urban sprawl, mobility, etc.).
  5. Creative economy;
  6. Best practices in regional governance;
  7. Urban and regional horizons (e.g. metropolitan areas);
  8. Regional “way of life” or leadership in regional development;
  9. Restructuring the “Right to the Regions” - perspective from different stakeholders: NGOs, researchers, policy makers, etc.

Keywords: intra and interregional disparities, territorial cohesion, drivers of regional disparities, impact of regional disparities, social and economic development, spatial planning, development strategy, regional development policies, sustainable regional development, GIS, spatial analysis, best practices, good governance, creative economy, regional governance, leadership.


Authors may be listed as authors and/or co-authors on up to two submitted papers. It is compulsory that at least one of the paper authors attends the conference to present its contents either in English or in Romanian.

Types of presentations

The Organisers welcome proposals for any of the following types of presentations, which should not exceed 10 to 15 minutes in length:

  1. paper presentation supported by PowerPoint slides;
  2. poster-type presentation.


After the conference, authors are invited to submit their papers written entirely in English, in the format specified below, at the following e-mail address, no later than 1 February 2017:


The conference papers submitted for publication will undergo an anonymous peer review procedure and will be selected to be published in Romanian Review of Regional Studies, the journal of the Centre for Regional Geography. The accepted papers will be available both in print format and on the journal’s website (in full-text electronic format):

In order to have their papers published in the journal, we ask authors to send their conference papers by e-mail, as attached files, typewritten according to the following format: MS Word, Times New Roman 11, Page Setup: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm), Top 3.7 cm, Bottom 2.7 cm, Inside 3.0 cm, Outside 2.0 cm, Header 2.5 cm, Footer 2.0 cm, Mirror margins, Different odd and even, Different first page, Single space. Figures (maps, charts, drawings, photos) are requested in JPEG or TIFF format. The recommended image resolution is 300 dpi. Papers must include author(s)'s affiliation and e-mail address, abstract (200-250 words in English), keywords (5-6 keywords in English), acknowledgements (if any), and references.

A model in Word format can be downloaded from the journal’s website or from here:


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